Another Chrono Trigger comic, as you can see we never get enough of the game we love it too much there’s already too many Lavos comics in our archive but since it’s one of the best RPGs ever why not more.

It’s preety funny how the phrase from Gato ‘15 Silver Points’ can be easily reworded as ‘15 Silver Joints’ One of the features that Lucca was hiding on Gato obviously.

Truly we make too many Chrono Trigger webcomics I think we will always make too many of them we seem to have a never ending supply of Chrono Trigger Jokes.

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here’s my attempt at the naughty mystery #elimcomic, i wanted to do more of these, I have some partial ideas for prior elimations I might post them but here was a fun one for the words pulled seemed like a fun subject so it gave me alot to play with so I made something rather fun, hehe, I did this in 90 minutes keeping to the rules of the elimination : D -

Any of you guys like Strip Search my comic for the last Elimination : D